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Vocations and Formation

“My beloved speaks and says to me,

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.”
—Song of Songs 2:10


The years of religious formation are a time of probation in which the young woman comes to know more intimately her call from God and her Dominican vocation.


It is a process intended to lead each Sister to a deeper relationship with Christ


She gradually learns to hear the Word of God in reading, study and prayer, and proclaims that Word in the life of worship.


She learns to enter into the life of the community, for common life is the testing ground for the nun’s attachment to God and her growth in virtue.

Stages in Formation

There are several stages in the formation program in our monastery.


A six week period lived within the monastic enclosure, in which the young woman shares in the life of the nuns in order to discern the authenticity of her vocation before entering as a postulant.


Suggested Readings

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